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We are a team of talented freelancers who bring years of experience from major creative and publication houses. Many of us have won prestigious awards and worked with renowned publishers and advertising agencies.

Whether high end sales kits or mass market flyers, we offer customized solutions to match your budgets, print your jobs to the highest quality standards, meet the most stringent deadlines and deliver as committed, we are the obvious choice for all your needs.

We enjoy being parts of this happy crew simply because we are passionate professionals.

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Graphic Design


College Graduate

Today, with more and more jobs referral from friends and clients, we believe that the path we chose when we set up Polarlite Workshop is correct. And with our experience gained throughout the past few years, we can help small but passionate businesses to create stylish designs with taste.

2010 - now

High School

This group of freelancers finally joined together to form Polarlite Workshop, a design house aims to help SME to provide suitable visual solutions with limited budget.

2007 - 2010


Several individual freelancers, some having strong interest in design since a kid, and some already in the field of design industry, crossed path. Sometimes they were doing a job together, and sometimes they were competing for the same job. But anyway, with their same passion and love in design, they became good friends.




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Making beautiful stuff is awesome! We believe in the power of creative ideas and great design comes with understanding customer needs. Contact us and get a free quote now.

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